Saturday, 29 April 2023

And it's now after 2100 - so the unexpurgated version

 We're all but done - a couple of bugs sorted. All testing complete.

Release testing for 11.7 - pictures (with appropriate identity protection)


Debian Bullseye 11.7 release - testing going on - 202304291427

 We've been joined by Simon (smcv) - lots of chat bouncing backwards and forwards. Laptops appearing out of backpacks suddenly being repurposed.

Settling very much into a rhythm and routine.

Working with two laptops on your lap ends up being quite heavy :)

Debian Bullseye 11.7 release weekend 202304291215UTC

 A switch failure early on: some quick changes of wiring and we're off. The room is very quiet for a few minutes then a burst of chatter, then on we go.

Just the noise of keyboards and quiet concentration

Back in Cambridge - Debian point release for Debian Bullseye due this weekend - 11.7

Back in Cambridge for a point release weekend. Lots of people turning up - it comes to something when large monitors, a desktop machine require two or three trips to the car and there's still a crate of leads to go.

As ever, lots of banter - computer renovations and updates were done yesterday - if they hadn't been, I'd have had at least another expert engineer on hand.

This is *definitely* the place to be rather than at the other end of an IRC chat.

This is *not* the release for Debian Bookworm: that will be on June 10th/11th - likely to be the same personnel, same place. There was a release of Debian Bookworm RC2  media yesterday incorporating fixes up to date.

Sunday, 11 September 2022

202209110020 - Debian release day(s) - Cambridge - post 4

 RattusRattus, Isy, smcv have all just left after a very long day. Steve is finishing up the final stages. The mayhem has quietened, the network cables are coiled, pretty much everything is tidied away. A new experience for two of us - I just hope it hasn't put them off too much.

The IRC channels are quiet and we can put this one to bed after a good day's work well done.

Saturday, 10 September 2022

202209102213 - Debian release day - Cambridge - post 3

Working a bit more slowly - coming to the end of the process. I've been wrestling with a couple of annoying old laptops and creating mayhem. The others are almost through the process - it's been a very long day, almost 12 hours now.

As ever, it's good to be with people who appreciate this work - I'm also being menaced by a dog that wants fuss all the time. It certainly makes a difference to have fast connectivity and even faster remarks backwards and forwards.