Saturday, 26 September 2020

Final post from media team for the day - most of the ordinary images and live images have been tested

 Winding down slightly - we've worked our way through most of the images and testing. Schweer tested all of the Debian Edu/Skolelinux images for which many thanks

Sledge, RattusRattus, Isy and I have been working pretty much solidly for 10 3/4 hours. There's still some images to build - mips, mipsel and s390x but these are all images that we don't have hardware to test on particularly.

Another good and useful day - bits and pieces done throughout. NOTE: There appear to have been some security updates since the main release this morning so, as ever, it's worth updating machines on a regular basis.

Waiting for the final images to finish building so that we can check the archive for completeness and then publish to the media mirrors. All the best until next time: thanks as ever to Sledge for his invaluable help. See you again in a couple of months in all likelihood. 

A much smaller release: some time in the next month we hope to be able to build and test an Alpha release for Bullseye. Bullseye is likely to be released somewhere round the middle of next year so we'll have additional Buster stable point releases in the meantime.

Chunking through the tests for various media images ...

We're working our way through some of the CD/DVD/Blu-Ray media images, doing test installs, noting failures and so on. It's repetitive work but vital if we're going to provide some assurance that folk can install from the images we make. 

There's always the few things that catch us out and there's always something to note for next time. Schweer has joined us and is busy chasing down debian-edu/Skolelinux installs from Germany. We're getting there, one way and another, and significantly ahead of where we were last time around when the gremlins got in and delayed us. All good :)

There are things that money can't buy - and sensible Debian colleagues are worth gold and diamonds :)

 Participating in the Debian media testing on debian-cd. One of my colleagues has just spent time to sort out an email issue having spent a couple of hours with me the other night. I now have good, working email for the first time in years - I can't value that highly enough.

Sledge, RattusRattus, Isy and myself are all engaged in testing various CD images. At the same time, they're debugging a new application to save us from wiki problems when we do this - and we're also able to use a video link which is really handy to chat backwards and forwards and means I can sit virtually in Cambridge :)

Lots of backchat and messages flying backwards and forwards - couldn't wish for a better way to spend an afternoon with friends.

There's a Debian point release for Debian stable happening this weekend - 10.6

 Nothing particularly new or unexpected: there's a point release happening at some point this weekend for Debian stable. Usual rules apply: if you've already got a system current and up to date, there's not much to do but the base files version will change at some point to reflect 10.6 when you next update. 

If you have media from 10.5, you may not _have_ to go and get media this weekend but it's always useful to get new media in due course. There's an updated kernel and an ABI bump. You _will_ need to reboot at some time to use the new kernel image.

This point release will contain security fixes, consequent changes etc. as usual - it is always good and useful to keep machines up to date.

Working with the CD team to eventually test, build and release CD / DVD images and media as and when files gradually become available. As ever, this may take 12-16 hours. As ever, I'll post some blog entries as we go.

Currently "sitting in Cambridge" via video link with Sledge, RattusRattus and Isy who are all involved in the testing and we'll have a great day, as ever.

Saturday, 29 August 2020

Just coming to the end of Debconf 20 2020 - and a preview.

 One more talk from Jon "maddog" Hall and then the closing wrap up. This has been a blast: I've enjoyed it a lot and it's made me more enthusiastic than I have been for a long time.

 So once more with thanks to the video team
It's almost the end of this year's DebConf dream
As we all break up, there's a favour to ask
Stay safe - wear a smile - and where needed, a mask

We'll not take you to task ; it's a favour we ask
Stay safe - wear a smile - and where needed, a mask

Haifa, Pristina or Kochi - we'll see how that lands
There's not much left to tidy up - wash your own hands
So now if you'll join us in virtual beer
We'll bring this to a close - and we'll meet up next year

So now if you'll join us - let us all raise a cheer
To Debconf21 - and we'll see you next year

Wednesday, 26 August 2020

The Debconf20 song

The DebConf 20 song - a sea shanty - to the tune of "Fathom the bowl"

Here's to DebConf 20, the brightest and best
Now it's this year's orga team getting no rest
We're not met in Haifa - it's all doom and gloom
And I'm sat like a lifer here trapped in my room

I'm sat in my room, it's all doom and gloom
And I'm sat at my keyboard here trapped in my room

Now there's IRC rooms and there's jitsi and all
But no fun conversations as we meet in the hall
No hugs for old friends, no shared wine and cheese
Just shared indigestion as we take our ease

I'm sat in my room, it's all doom and gloom
And I'm sat with three screens around me in my room

But there's people to chat to, and faces we know
And new things to learn and we're all on the go
Algo en espanol - there's no cause for alarm
An Indic track showcasing Malayalam

I'm sat in my room, it's all doom and gloom
And I'm sat with my Thinkpads and cats in my room

With webcams and buffering, with lag and delay
It's as well that there's Debconf time all through the day
The effects of tiredness are hard to foresee
For the Debian clocks all are timezone UTC

I'm sat in my room, it's all doom and gloom
And I'll sing out of tune as I'm sat in my room

There's no social drinking, there's no games of Mao
Keeping social distance, we can't think quite how
This year is still friendly though minus some fun
We'll catch up next year when we'll all get some sun

I'm sat in my room, it's all doom and gloom
I'm sat with my friends around here in my room

There's loopy@debconf and snippets and such
To cheer us all up, sure, it doesn't take much
For we're all one big family, though we each code alone
And we sometimes switch off or just complain and moan

I'm sat in my room, it's all doom and gloom
And there's space for us all in the debconf chat room

This is my first DebConf - hope it won't be my last
And we'll meet up somewhere when this COVID is past
To all who have done this - we deserve the credit
Now if you'll excuse me - I've web pages to edit

I'm sat in my room, it's not all doom and gloom
And we're met as one Debian here in my room


Sunday, 2 August 2020

Debian 10.5 media testing - 202001082250 - last few debian-live images being tested for amd64 - Calamares issue - Post 5 of several.

Last few debian-live images being tested for amd64. We have found a bug with the debian-live Gnome flavour. This specifically affects installs after booting from the live media and then installing to the machine using  the Calamares installer found on the desktop. The bug was introduced as a fix for one issue that has produced further buggy behaviour as a result.

Fixes are known - we've had highvoltage come and debug them with us - but will not be put out with this release but will wait for the 10.6 release which will allow for a longer time for debugging overall.

You can still run from the live-media, you can still install with the standard Debian installers found in the menu of the live-media disk - this is _only_ a limited time issue with the Calamares installer. At this point in the release cycle, it's been judged better to release the images as they are - with known and documented issues - than to try and debug them in a hurry and risk damaging or delaying a stable point release.