Saturday, 9 May 2020

CD / DVD testing for Buster release 4 - 202005092130 - Slowing down a bit - but still going.

Last few architectures are being built in the background. Schweer has just confirmed successful testing of all the Debian Edu images - thanks to him, as ever, and to all involved. We're slowing up a bit - it's been a long, hot day and it's not quite over yet. The images release looks to be well on course. As ever, the point release incorporates security fixes and some packages have been removed. The release announcement at gives the details.

CD image testing for Buster release 4 - 202005091950 - Most install images checking out well

Lots of hard work going on. schweer has just validated all of the Debian Edu images.  Most of the normal install images have gone through tests with only a few minor hitches. Now moving on to the Live images. These take longer to download and test but we're working through them gradually.

As ever: a point release doesn't mean that the Debian you have is now obsolete - an apt-get / aptitude update will bring you up to the latest release very quickly. If you are updating regularly, you will have most of these files anyway. One small thing: the tools may report that the release version has changed. This is quite normal - base files have changed to reflect the new point release and this causes the notification. The notification is a small warning so that you are not taken by complete surprise but it is quite normal in the circumstances of a Debian point release.

Thanks to the other folk doing the hard work: 10+ hours and continuing.

CD image testing for Buster release 4 - 202005091538 - Coming along nicely

We're most of the way through testing the various installs, with good success. Waiting on a few things to be built. It's a good way to pass an afternoon / evening.

CD / DVD image testing happening now - 202005091330

The usual suspects very much involved - Isy, myself, RattusRattus, schweer and Sledge. Image testing going on to good effect. Update pulses are starting to hit mirrors: just done a dist-upgrade on one of the machines here. All good

And again - CD release for Buster release 4 is going to happen over the weekend ...

And for our regular readers - it's happening again. I'm sitting here with two laptops, a desktop, a connection to IRC - and friends in Cambridge and elsewhere involved in this too.

All good fun, as ever :)

Sunday, 9 February 2020

CD release time post 3 20202029 1653 - Release for Oldstable / Squeeze / 9.12 has happened

Just tidying up on the last of my tests. The release to the mirrors for 9.12 has happened.

Much sterling work by  amacater, Isy, RattusRattus, Sledge and Schweer (in alphabetical order). This one seemed to have turned up fewer bugs.

Lots of fun, the usual bouts of problems between chair and keyboard and a feeling for me of something worthwhile to share in.

My private CD mirror is now up to date with 10.3 and a few machines here have already been upgraded :) On a day when the weather is cold, wet, windy and rainy, it's been a good excuse to sit in the warm with a laptop.

Here's to the next one, then.

Saturday, 8 February 2020

CD release time post 2 20200208 2152 - lots of install CD/DVD/BD image testing going on

It's been a busy day. Lots of installs, a couple of bugs found, mostly going very well. The main 10.3 Debian update has been pushed to the mirror network and I've updated two of my machines so far. All good.

Hofstadter's Law states that "It always takes longer than you think, even taking account of Hofstadter's Law" ( the Douglas Hofstadter who wrote Goedel Escher Bach) and these long days always disappear into the memory until the next time.

There's also an update planned for the images for oldstable - so we'll be busy for a fair while yet.

UPDATE: The release looks good: some CDs for the smaller arches remain to be built but it's done for now.

Oldstable testing will happen tomorrow