Monday, 27 February 2012

Raspberry Pi - announcement

_Something_ is going to happen at 06:00 GMT on 29th February. I predict a server meltdown ..


Product available from RS Components and - both servers not responding. Effectively a worldwide DDOS because of demand 29/2/2012

== 07:20 or so ==

Farnell sold out almost immediately: now taking pre-orders for the next batch
RS may be taking orders later in the week. [Per RaspberryPi Twitter feed]

Update: RS are also taking pre-orders and expressions of interest. Both companies will do their best to get stock to all ASAP. 

Please don't blame Eben, Liz or the other RaspberryPi folks for this - they've worked miracles to get this far.

To negotiate proper licensing agreements with the two largest UK electronics distributors and get them to undertake manufacturing and distribution is, actually, a masterstroke for a small non-profit organisation.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Open Advice - Free book detailing lessons for FLOSS

A very useful little book from various developers and others: things they wish they'd known before starting out. A very sensible contribution from Debian's own Evan Prodromou amongst other names I knew and recognised and some interesting folk I'd not heard of. is the downloadable PDF although source and so on is also available. There are likely to be forums for comments and improvements.

[UPDATE - I've just had a go at the training exercises listed at which are linked from the site. Not a bad revision on patching/SVN/git and generally using the tools needed initially to contribute to FLOSS. A good job well done]

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

UK Govt website rewrite == FLOSS

See -  UK major Government web site rewritten using primarily Free/Libre/Open Source Software :)