Saturday, 27 March 2021

Debian 10.9 release - 202103271900UTC - pushing through live image testing

So we're a fair way through the release, then. Testing of almost all the standard images has finished.  Pretty much all of the disk images are now complete and in place.

People are working their way through the tests of the debian-live images in the various desktop flavours. These have to be done on real hardware - so it does take time. A new tester - peylight - has dropped in to help for the first time. Sqrt{not} has also joined us from the other end of the timezone scale - we have somebody at UTC-0700 and somebody at UTC+0430 today. [I can't remember where Linux-fan is timezone wise] All of the help from all the testers is very welcome, as ever.

A slight pause - a couple of us have a meal to eat - but it looks as if we've done well on timings. The original estimate was for 2000UTC - maybe a little after that and we'll be finished and the images release can be published - there were a couple of minor hiccups but we've done well so far.

Thanks, as always, to the people behind the scenes doing all the work, to DSA and admins providing large machines for us to do the builds on and to the people who drop in and spend a few hours of their time on a working day/weekend to help out.

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