Monday, 28 August 2023

20230828 - OMGWTFBBQ - Breakfast is happening more or less

 And nothing changes: rediscovered from past Andrew at his first Cambridge BBQ and almost the first blog post here:

"House full of people I knew only from email, some very old friends. Wires and leads filling the front room floor - laptops _everywhere_ .


Thirty second rule on sofa space - if you left for more than about 30 seconds you had to sit on the floor when you got back (I jammed myself onto a corner of the sofa once I realised I'd barely get through the crush :) )
[Forget students in a mini / UK telephone box - how many DDs can you fit into a very narrow kitchen :) ]

It's a huge, dysfunctional family with its own rules, geeky humour and in-jokes but it's MINE - it's the people I want to hang out with and, as perverse as it sounds, just being there gave me a whole new reaffirmed sense of identity and a large amount of determination to carry on "wasting my time with Linux" and Debian"

The *frightening* thing - this is from August 31st 2009 ... where have the years gone in between.

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