Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Key added, now syndicated on Planet Debian?

Thanks due for all the help I've received from Benjamin Mako Hill and others. This post should now arrive on Planet Debian.

Still struggling with a Marvell Sheevaplug: I've now got it to (not quite but Oh so nearly) boot: if you remove the SD card it whines - and recognises the partition layout - but doesn't boot from it, hanging on a "waiting for boot prompt"

The next trick is to try an install to a 4G USB stick and see if that works, then try and get new/different SD cards to try. WARNING - the supplied USB cable for serial console is significantly short and weak :)


  1. Update - now booting successfully from USB. Martin Michlmayr's USB commands to pass to U-boot contain a 10 second delay to allow everything to settle down. I may try that in order to get the SD card to work similarly.

  2. My SheevaPlug successfully boots from a Kingston Class 6 4GB SDHC card after I flashed it with the updated u-boot.bin. It didn't boot until I made a dummy swap partition of 4mb however, since I originally made the mistake of just making a single partition and using Martin Michlmayr's boot commands--something about the hex incantation must have assumed the existence of a second partition.

  3. Yes, the supplied USB cable totally sucks.