Monday, 27 February 2012

Raspberry Pi - announcement

_Something_ is going to happen at 06:00 GMT on 29th February. I predict a server meltdown ..


Product available from RS Components and - both servers not responding. Effectively a worldwide DDOS because of demand 29/2/2012

== 07:20 or so ==

Farnell sold out almost immediately: now taking pre-orders for the next batch
RS may be taking orders later in the week. [Per RaspberryPi Twitter feed]

Update: RS are also taking pre-orders and expressions of interest. Both companies will do their best to get stock to all ASAP. 

Please don't blame Eben, Liz or the other RaspberryPi folks for this - they've worked miracles to get this far.

To negotiate proper licensing agreements with the two largest UK electronics distributors and get them to undertake manufacturing and distribution is, actually, a masterstroke for a small non-profit organisation.

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