Sunday, 26 August 2012

Ken Starks - immediate need for help is over for the moment - but

From Ken Starks, of Helios Project / Reglue

From the desk of just-so-you-know.....

Thomas Knight and I have agreed that the fund drive to aid in paying for necessary surgery for me should be halted.  I will do a full blog about this entire effort this Monday but suffice it to say, you have donated more than enough to take care of my immediate needs and those down the road.  Asking for anything more would be taking advantage of a loving and generous community.  While it is far from adequate, the only thing I can offer you is my eternal thanks.  It just seems so....small of a thing to give in return.

They will not stop the Indiegogo campaign until it reaches its time limit unfortunately so that will remain in effect for the next 30-some hours.   Please do not donate anything further as  I have more than enough to cover my expenses.  I will explain more about that on my blog Monday.

If you helped spread the word about this campaign, please pass this posting along with the same intensity.  I would deeply appreciate it.

See also now: update from Ken:

Donations for Ken himself may be over: the work of Helios/Reglue still remains good, important and useful - the world benefits for investment in education. I would urge that this is still a worthwhile charity to contribute to as you get Linux into the hands of young people and the disadvantaged who can then USE it.

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