Saturday, 15 June 2013

Computers and stuff going to Africa

2 x laptops, 1 x HP microserver, 3 x routers, 1 x Raspberry Pi given to a charity to go to Kenya to help provide Internet and other services for an NGO. The house has the fewest working desktop computers it's ever had - but it is for a good cause.

Somehow, I suspect that £50 / $100 Android tablets that are starting to be common won't be quite as useful in a couple of years as this lot may be today. For those of us that have good access to technology, fast connectivity as a given and computers to give away - maybe it's time to share the benefits of prosperity with others. If nothing else, it is sharing Debian and Raspbian since I made sure that they were all working well with Debian 7 and Raspbian operating systems respectively before they went. The routers were also running OpenWRT - so it's all FLOSS :)


  1. What's the NGO?

  2. Colleagues are going to help a church diocese in Kenya. This is the second or third time some of them have gone - using donated computers, routers and their own networking expertise to bring Internet to a large rural area.

    I sent a couple of bits and pieces a couple of years ago - including an NSLU2, a Sheevaplug and a home built machine - but the HP Microserver is proving to be ideal as a mainstay machine for their use. Small, low power and can hold four disks

  3. Diocese of Kericho, apparently. Narok district close to Masai Mara is where the latest bunch were based.