Saturday, 18 July 2009

Social media - new, or just old, rewritten in brighter colours

A colleague is trying to interest me in social media - Facebook, Twitter - the wisdom of crowds and open participation - the documentary Us Now and Clay Shirky's book "Here comes everybody"

He doesn't quite see that I've been living this lifestyle for 15 years - mostly on email and very occasional IRC - and that I repose a far greater trust in FLOSS developers I've never met than almost everybody geographically close.

My FLOSS colleagues range from college professors to Dutch Reformed Church ministers to a free thinker living in a yurt, gay, straight, transgender. in every continent bar Antarctica - and that's just the Debian folk and possibly a couple of others I can think about

Whether blogging makes every person their own printer and propagandist, as Luther made every man his own minister and Gutenberg every man his own reader remains to be seen. FLOSS allows every one to be his/her own engineer or at least to be part of an enthusiastic community of collaborators.

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