Sunday, 26 July 2009

Just familiarity - or is it "free can't be worth the effort" ?

Something from my father - he knows he's paying far more for a netbook with Windows, he's aware of the so-called "Windows tax" - but he wants familiarity (Windows XP or better).

He's considering a full size laptop - but only to play DVDs on / watch TV in bed via BBC iPlayer. He wouldn't consider buying a Linux netbook and a 22" TV / monitor because "the screen's too expensive" - but he'd happily spend the money for a laptop with only a 15.6" screen. Then he'll have to buy AV and so on ... My £179 Acer Aspire netbook does BBC iPlayer fine - and Open Office and whatever else - and is almost entirely silent . A 22" screen is £129 or less.

For those who aren't sure what they want: is it economics (something that cheap can't be good / why don't I need to buy AV) or fear that keeps them from Linux?

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