Saturday, 8 February 2020

CD release time post 2 20200208 2152 - lots of install CD/DVD/BD image testing going on

It's been a busy day. Lots of installs, a couple of bugs found, mostly going very well. The main 10.3 Debian update has been pushed to the mirror network and I've updated two of my machines so far. All good.

Hofstadter's Law states that "It always takes longer than you think, even taking account of Hofstadter's Law" ( the Douglas Hofstadter who wrote Goedel Escher Bach) and these long days always disappear into the memory until the next time.

There's also an update planned for the images for oldstable - so we'll be busy for a fair while yet.

UPDATE: The release looks good: some CDs for the smaller arches remain to be built but it's done for now.

Oldstable testing will happen tomorrow

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