Sunday, 9 February 2020

CD release time post 3 20202029 1653 - Release for Oldstable / Squeeze / 9.12 has happened

Just tidying up on the last of my tests. The release to the mirrors for 9.12 has happened.

Much sterling work by  amacater, Isy, RattusRattus, Sledge and Schweer (in alphabetical order). This one seemed to have turned up fewer bugs.

Lots of fun, the usual bouts of problems between chair and keyboard and a feeling for me of something worthwhile to share in.

My private CD mirror is now up to date with 10.3 and a few machines here have already been upgraded :) On a day when the weather is cold, wet, windy and rainy, it's been a good excuse to sit in the warm with a laptop.

Here's to the next one, then.

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