Thursday, 10 November 2016

Debian Miniconf ARM, Cambridge 10/11/16 - post 2

Now about 30 people here: the video team are chasing down power leads and cables in readiness for the weekend.

One large open plan room with about 30 small quadrilateral tables - two make a hexagon. Very quiet for open plan: periodically the room falls completely silent - lots of developers quietly coding / reading screens.

Lunch was very good curry: ARM caterers feed us very well indeed :D

The radio I'm trying to program refuses to play with the software: the maintainer is at the back of the room and has offered to sort out a backport to Debian stable. Debian can occasionally seem like a dysfunctional family but it's good to be a member.

The Cubietruck I bought last year is sitting with another developer as I speak - he's going to try adding multiple disks for a RAID array on a machine that only draws 5W or so.

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