Sunday, 13 November 2016

Debian MiniConf ARM Cambridge 13/11/16 - Day 4 post 5 - Wrap ups

For those following along at home - that was Holger Levsen and Chris Lamb talking about Reproducible Builds immediately followed by Lucy Wayland on SIMD or how I stopped worrying and learned to love the Vector.

Next up Lars Wrizenius on the vmdebootstrap sprint and the results.

Last of all will be Steve wrapping up, chasing us out and the clear up team doing a final chase around.

Apparently very slightly lower turnout than last year - but still some new faces, lots of familiar faces and a lot of "stuff" : some awesome Debian merchandise that I couldn't quite justify to myself but there's always next time :)

Almost at the end of a really enjoyable four days for me - back to work tomorrow :(

Thanks to all our sponsors [ARM, Codethink, HPE] whose names you will have seen in between the video segments for facilities and sponsoring meals and the like.

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