Thursday, 10 November 2016

Debian Miniconf ARM, Cambridge 10/11/16 - Post 4

As we left at about 1740, Wookey was still working on the Cubietruck I'd left him with but had made progress.

Dispersed to various pubs and eateries: we all ended up talking a great deal, much as last year. Tsk, tsk - you hardly see people for 20 years then you see the same people twice in two years :)

Though I didn't see that much of them through the day, thanks to Jo, Lucy and all who kept front desk running as ever and thanks to all the various ARM staff who were helpful with opening doors for the visitors and all the little things around administration - wifi access, badges and all that goes with hosting.

And why, O why, did I not notice that I'd subconsciously typed 10/11/12 not once but three times

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