Sunday, 13 November 2016

Debian MiniConf, ARM Cambridge 13/11/16 - Day 4 post 1

Just got here, partway into Guus Sliepen's talk about issues with sourceless packages and the DFSG. Lots of problems with, for example, music for games and imagery and also areas where packages autobuild / use generated blobs which are not supplied or are not able to be regenerated.

Checked in by front desk - thanks again to Lisa, to Jo McIntyre and Lucy Wayland who have been very patient waiting for us, very helpful as ever, chasing us at the end of each day to reconcile badges and people and doing all the useful stuff that no one sees.

ARM security folk are still here, obviously, and the building work has stopped for the weekend so we can get in and out of the building more readily.  Thanks once again to the ARM staffers who are also Debian-ites and to the ARM management who have to authorise all of this and allow us to use their facilities, buildings and guest WiFi. It's testament to a whole lot of hard work  behind the scenes that this all seems seamless and (generally) works so well

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